Once worshiped as gods by the primitive beings of their system, the Es’Quee (Ess-kwee) were a solitary species, devoted to the quest for personal enlightenment. They succeeded in their quest and began to unlock supernatural powers within themselves. The Es’Quee stand around one and a half meters tall, though they no longer stand on solid ground, but instead float above the surface. Their two large eyes betray their kind and curious nature and their mouths rarely shift from a pleased smile. They have long, thin arms and delicate hands. Atop their heads they have two antennae, which offer them extrasensory perception and telepathy, though never used without permission.

The Es’Quee have beyond genius intellects as well as powerful psychic abilities and telekinesis. Once their people reached enlightenment they unanimously decided to venture out into the galaxy in search of those who might benefit from their abilities. It began with the elevating of primitive cultures and restoration of dying civilizations. They shared their knowledge of other worlds and technology.. It was not until the stars began to die that they realized there was only one quest left. The Es’Quee must reach the last light in order to establish a new heart of the galaxy. A place where they may welcome and offer aid to all those seeking a new beginning.