There will be order. The galaxy is filled with pieces to a great puzzle and the Impetros are fascinated by how they can arrange them to better fit their grand design. A diminutive, bipedal species, the Impetros stand roughly one meter in height and their craniums account about half of their total mass. Their small arms have three digits which allow limited dexterity, though this is less a requirement considering their advanced technology, powered by their minds. The Impetros have developed technologies to allow themselves to stay connected to each other as they watch over, construct and improve their many civilizations. Physically inferior to the majority of the dominant species in the galaxy, they tend to avoid kinesthetic activity, favoring mental tasks. Some Impetros have even developed telepathic and telekinetic abilities, allowing even less physical exertion.

These great architects have been able to build vast empires that they ruled over as gods. After a period of necessary turmoil and suffering, the Impetros civilizations thrived for a millenia, knowing peace, security and an abundance of comfort. The Impetros have always appeared to be less concerned with wealth and power than in order and optimization of society. Everything has always been within their ability to control, until the light, the great resource of the galaxy, started to go out. Now the last remaining Impetros and their collection of subjects are making their way to the last light. The final puzzle that they hope to complete.