The Nag’aw are a subterranean reptilian species that resemble serpents, but with an upper torso that is more akin to humanoid species. Full grown Nag’aw vary in length from two to four meters and are often seen holding their bodies and heads upright, though they can drop low and slither much faster when they desire. Their strong bodies are covered in scales ranging in color from dim grays to more brilliant colors. Their snake-like heads are often adorned with tattooed markings that represent their tribes and their bright yellow eyes are always open, having a protective lens instead of lids. The Nag’aw have large mouths that can open far wider than one might imagine and possess retractable fangs that secrete a venom that can cause paralysis.

The Nag’aw had always been a civilization of nomadic tribes that lived beneath the surface of their desert homeworld, Aasha. It wasn’t until a battle took place in their solar system that they emerged. The scale of the battle was so great that massive debris drifted into Aasha’s atmosphere, destroying half the planet’s surface in a single day. The last surviving Nag’aw tribes reached the surface and were rescued by a military group who were part of the Allterra navy. The Nag’aw convinced their saviors that they would be a most valuable ally, but soon after an agreement was reached the Nag’aw’s deception was complete and they absconded with a small fleet of stolen ships. Now the clever and resourceful Nag’aw are slithering and scheming their way towards the last light.