Born in the dark depths of their oceanic homeworld of Umaa, the Ozural (oh-zoo-rahl)l “stand” about two meters tall, although most of their height is in their long tentacles. Unable to support their own weight in standard gravity, they rely on telekinetic powers to let them float above surfaces. The ends of their tentacles can grip tightly and secrete natural toxins that can paralyze most biological organisms.render most organisms paralyzed. Aside from their tentacles, a prominent feature is their large, forward facing eye on their expressionless faces. The Ozural are biologically genderless and identify their individuality in how they express their skin pigmentation and patterns of bioluminescence. No two Ozural appear the same.

Their great civilization had reached its golden age when the Deshard horde arrived. Centuries of peace and prosperity under the grand council of Umaa was suddenly threatened by a foriegn invader. Though the Ozural outnumbered the Deshard, they were not a militaristic faction and they were soon overwhelmed. The Deshard, who had just begun their grand conquest, had no designs of ruling over the defeated Ozural. Instead they saw this as their first grand victory and the story that would strike fear into future enemies. So the genocide of Umaa began. Only a small number of Ozural escaped. A rebel force stole a Deshard cruiser and fled to find help. After years of searching, they came across the Allterra, who provided resources to survive and defend themselves. The last Ozural, on their ship, the Umaa II, set out to build an alliance of other victims of the Deshard, to stand against them and get their revenge. Knowing the Deshard will be heading for the last light, the Ozural rebel force will be ready for them.