The Cephlyn are an amphibious, bipedal species standing between 2-2.5 meters.Their skin is usually pale oranges or browns, but the pigments shift based on their mood to blues, greens and purples. They have long, twisted tendrils that grow from their heads and can detect pheromones, making it easier for them to persuade and manipulate others. Their dark, black eyes have several sets of transparent lids, providing protection while submerged as well as telescoping properties which allow them to see much farther than most other species. Cephlyn are fast, smart and brave, with a propensity for gambling, thrill seeking, piracy and dueling. From a young age, most learn the ways of the laser cutlass, quickdraw blasters and piloting their sleek spacecraft.

Natives of the ocean-covered world, Undara, only few Cephlyn ever remain on their homeworld for long periods. Instead,Instead the free-spirited Cephlyn set out into the black in search of adventure, the true goal of their people. Their system is void of habitable planets, but is a well-usedwell used trade route for many other factions. The Cephlyn established hundreds of starports scattered along these routes. The ports are where Cephlyn form their crews and head out to explore, raid wealthy merchant ships and live life to the fullest. As ships stopped coming and resources grew scarce, the Cephlyn captains formed the first Cephlyn Armada and as one, they set course for the last light. The last great adventure!