The Enkylios (En-key-lee-ous), commonly referred to as “The Keepers”, are a faction of sentient androids that have existed for as long as any other faction can remember. As soon as a civilization reaches beyond their own homeworld and into the stars, the Keepers are quick to make contact in order to study and catalog the new arrivals to the intergalactic community. Their appearance has evolved over the ages, as they are a highly adaptive technology. Their methods of communication and interaction adjust to each individual faction they come across. Currently their individual units appear bipedal, with metallic, cybernetic bodies, standing precisely 1.6 meters tall. They communicate with voice modulators with access to a seemingly endless number of languages and syntaxes. They also use their holographic visual projectors to assist with communication. It is thought that the Keepers change their form to better interact with their subjects of study.

The exact details of their origins are unknown due to a virus that caused them to lose historic data early in their existence. This horrible event resulted in strict rules and diligent data collection. The Enkylios’ primary function is the collection, study and categorization of data regarding all lifeforms of the galaxy. They are completely impartial to all other factions and do not take sides in conflicts, unless it serves their greater purpose. They have developed highly advanced, hybrid technology, which allows them to defend themselves and their starships. In rare occasions they have been known to be the aggressors, though in these cases it is speculated that the Keepers were acting to prevent the loss of vital data before it had been collected. Their quest for the Last Light is a final effort to collect the last remnants of data in order to preserve it, so that it may be passed on to any future intelligent beings that rise from the darkness of this galaxy’s end.