The EV-Lons (Eeevee Lons) are a faction of self aware robots following the last given objectives of their long extinct makers. It is believed they were originally programmed as an artificial intelligence and security system, prior to the maker’s entire species facing extinction. In light of the threat to their homeworld, their makers reprogrammed the EV-Lons to pilot and maintain a fleet of starships in their search for a new habitable world. Sadly, their makers did not survive the long voyage through space. Leaving their artificial intelligence with no secondary objectives, the EV-Lons have continued their primary objectives of locating the last light and overcoming any opposition they encounter.

In the absence of their makers, the EV-Lons have adapted and evolved. They began by salvaging necessary supplies from the drifting graveyards of space battles to repair their ships. Over time, using their superior technical aptitude and improvisational nature, they utilized scavenged technology to not only repair themselves, but also to upgrade themselves. Now the EV-Lons and their fleet are composed of the most diverse array of technologies in the universe. A faction engineered from the technologies of hundreds of different cultures. Though they have evolved to become almost unrecognizable from their original design, in both appearance and technological capabilities, what has not changed is their continued dedication to their makers’ last objectives. Their search for the last light.