The Meglinth are worm-like, parasitic creatures native to a forgotten world where they slowly spread, infecting all living creatures inhabiting it. The last surviving civilization of their homeworld fled the planet, destroying it behind them in hopes of eradicating the Meglinth, which was successful, except for the Meglinth queen who was secretly carried onboard the generational ship.

Appearing in a muted range of neutral colors, the Meglinth’s skin has a tough exterior which secretes an oily, toxic substance that can paralyze those who come in contact with it. They emerge from their eggs a very small size and can grow to half a meter in length, with the exception of their Queen who, after decades of feeding, has grown to over over 3 meters in length. Between the Meglinth’s two pairs of red eyes are several sharp teeth that are used for latching, burrowing and feeding. Most beings infected by the Meglinth are consumed by them, but some are left alive, though the infection caused by the Meglinth compels them to serve and protect their parasitic hosts, especially their queen.