The Mörlock are a species of large reptilian creatures native to the volatile Black Nebula system. The only known species to escape that dark and dying system, the Mörlock were able to attune to the unstable energy, harnessing it and using it to manipulate other sentient species. Some believe that the Mörlock made contracts with forgotten gods in exchange for knowledge about the unstable energy in their system. Known as dark sorcerers, they stand over 7 feet tall and weigh up to 380 kilos.

While moving, the Mörlock appear as if to float above the ground, their iconic ceremonial robes billowing behind them. Their leaders carry forked staves adorned with unique bone carvings and their armor bears intricate runes of the Black Nebula’s lost language. In battle the Mörlock chant incantations that instill terror into their enemies, in some cases even controlling their minds. The most powerful of the Mörlock sorcerers have been able to use their dark energy to reanimate their fallen enemies. These husks of the fallen are controlled by the Mörlock, acting as their crew and servants as they drift through the galaxy in search of new prey and the last light.