The Talorin (Tah law ren) are a sentient, avian species, with a humanoid body structure and large wings. Their bodies are covered in brightly colored feathers, typically vivid blues and purples, with a rare few having bright red feathers covering their wings. Their builds are slender, graceful and tall, with the average Talorin standing between 2 and 3 meters. A matriarchal, military society, the Talorin families live in groups called nests, each looking to their nest’s matriarch for guidance, and all nests serving the high matriarch, known as The Great Mother.

The Great Mother exudes the composed, confident nature of Talorin culture. Belief in their matriarch and her success in leading them to the last light is unwavering among their people. All Talorin believe that the importance of their mission outweighs each individual, and their unquestioning, steadfast devotion allows them to coordinate their fleet and execute their tactics to devastatingly precise effects. Their fleet’s seemingly bird-like formations, combined with their reactionary speed and ingenious naval tactics make them a threat to any who stand between them and reaching the last light.