The Torügg were once a species of giant reptilian predators native to the swamp world of Grallek. Quadrupedal, their bodies were covered in thick bone-like plates and spikes making them nearly impenetrable. Though at the top of their food chain, they were in no way considered intelligent lifeforms, by most standards. Part of their planet was used as a landfill by the Impetros empire and for generations the discarded technologies and refuse was dropped on Grallek, causing the extinction of most life forms – But not the Torügg.

The highly adaptable and extremely durable species began to rapidly evolve, growing in size and strength as well as intelligence. Their bodies morphed into hulking bipedal beings, over 3 meters in height with thick, scaly skin and hardened shell-like exterior. Their arms, legs, back and heads became covered in an armored carapace, harder than most alloys. Their evolution was not merely physiological, as the discarded elements from the Impetros experimental technologies fused with the Torügg, giving them energy fields that could be used as shields or to cut through materials. Now uplifted, the intelligent Torügg looked upon the destruction of their planet and then looked up to the stars. Hundreds of them swarmed an Impetros research facility on their planet’s surface and took control of a large starship. The Impetros left their system in search of the Last Light and the Torügg followed. Their search for both the Last Light and revenge had begun.