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Solve puzzles and get to know the factions of Last Light to win an UPGRADED MEGA WHITE DWARF STAR and earn entries to a drawing for a FREE ALL-IN PLEDGE air shipped to you ahead of fulfillment! See prize details at bottom of page for more info.

How to Play

  • Submit the correct answer to one of the puzzles below to get one FREE upgraded mega white dwarf star AND 1 entry into a drawing for the grand prize.
  • Gain an additional entry in the grand prize drawing for each additional puzzle you solve correctly.*

“Last light is one of the quickest 4x scifi games I’ve ever played – we finished an 8p game in about 2 hours. Really loved the interactions as we got right to the action!”

– Scott Alden (Owner of Board Game Geek)

“Roy has accomplished a stellar feat with Last Light! Bringing all the drama of a heavy 4x game experience into a tight, quick, and beautiful design. My only complaint is that I didn’t come up with it first! Can’t wait to play it again!”

– Isaac Vega (Dead of Winter, Forgotten Waters, Ashes)

“The heat death of the universe is upon us. The last surviving civilizations desperately huddle around a dying star, the last ember of light in an inky void. War is inevitable. This game is depressing as hell. It’s also epic, innovative and fun!  I mean the planets actually rotate around their star, creating a delightful spin (puns, teehee) on area control.”

– Colby Dauch (Summoner Wars, Plaid Hat Games)


Click a thumbnail below to get started! More will be released soon!


Check out the Grey Fox Games Discord for hints!

“Roy’s Last Light is pure fun and fast paced 4X joy. The most fun I’ve had in a space conquering game maybe ever.”

– Jerry Hawthorne (mice & mystics, stuffed fables)

“Last light is the most streamlined Space Opera i’ve played to date, it’s All about Exploring the Universe, Resource Optimization, Galactic Annihilation, and Memorable Experiences.”

– Emerson Matsuuchi (Century, Specter Ops, Foundations of Rome)


Grand Prize (x1)

1 Free All-In Super Deluxe Pledge + the upgraded mega white dwarf star air shipped to your door when printing is complete. You will be the only person in the world to receive your game months before Gamefound orders are fulfilled!

Runner-Up Prizes (x2)

1 Free All-In super Deluxe Pledge + the upgraded mega white dwarf star.

Participation Prizes (unlimited)

1 Free upgraded mega white dwarf star included with your pledge (a $7 value).

*Other details:

You must provide a shipping address located in the USA, Canada, EU, NO, CH, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia, or Thailand to qualify for the Grand Prize (or Runner-Up Prizes).
You must back the Gamefound at a pledge level that contains a copy of the game to qualify for any of the above prizes.
You must use the same email address to submit your answers and back the Last Light crowdfunding project.
By submitting an answer to the puzzle you agree to receive correspondence regarding the Light Light Crowdfunding Campaign. We will not share or use your email for any other purpose.