The Pelimos (pel-e-moss) have been the galaxy’s finest hypertech mechanics for as long as their people can remember. Their homeworld, Juhkar, was mined to the core centuries ago and now appears as a massive spherical skeleton with a connective framework of structures. Pelimos are bipedal, humanoids with two sets of forward facing eyes. The larger set is able to see standard and telescopic vision and the second, smaller set provides infrared, thermal vision. They are very individualized in their appearance. Each Pelimos takes pride in using advanced tech to customize their hair color, style and even their skin tones and markings, which they change as often as they like.

Pelimos culture is highly creative and competitive. They are also anarchists, having always governed themselves in their own independent worker cooperatives. Each cooperative inhabits a section of Juhkar, where they’ve competed for the business of other factions looking to upgrade their ships and weapons tech. This has allowed the Pelimos to remain neutral in conflicts between factions. Until now. With the race towards the last light underway, the Pelimos are eager to be the first.The previously autonomous worker collectives have united and engineered a smaller version of Juhkar that is now carrying their people towards the last light.