In the void of empty space there is darkness, but nothing is darker than the heart of the Nyrix (nee-rix) Born from the Crypt, a solar system with planets full of life, turned to a graveyard after a cataclysmic war, the Nyrix are the embodiment of death and fear. Appearing as darkly robed figures with glowing, icy blue eyes. They float above the ground and move like shadows, leaving a trail of lingering darkness in their path. Their arms are a series of flowing ribbons of dark material that can shoot out in all directions, grabbing and wrapping their victims in a shroud of paralyzing fear.

Seeking vengeance for their own existence, the Nyrix sought out other factions, particularly those bent on conquest, and began to haunt them. Once marked by the Nyrix, a faction will experience nightmares, paranoia and eventually begin to turn on themselves. After the Nyrix have invaded your mind, there is little you can do to get them out. Your darkest fears will be used against you. The Nyrix have no goals of self preservation or of finding any sort of peace. They do not look to the last light of the universe as the last bastion of hope. These vengeful spirits see the last light as a watering hole for their prey to gather. One which they now descend upon, bringing the shadow of fear and death. The final darkness.