Among the most advanced planetary defense systems ever created, the Ark Net were designed to keep any threat from harming the inhabitants of their planet, Arkanu. The Ark Net are individual biotech constructs that are part of a single consciousness. Individually they are small, but together they work as a massive unit, overwhelming threats by their numbers and powerful weaponry. Their sinewy, organic bodies are fused together with extremely durable metal alloy outfitted with powerful plasma blades and thrusters. Their single, forward facing optical array gives them a limited field of vision, though linked together in their formations, the Ark Net sees all.

There are no records of any species ever making it past the Ark Net to set foot on the world they protect and claims of anyone having seen Arkanu’s surface are dismissed as rumors. What is known is that the planet simply disappeared, leaving only the Ark Net circled around an empty sphere of space. It is speculated that advances in their technology allowed their makers to open a wormhole that transported their entire planet. Abandoned by their makers, the Ark Net quickly calculated the most probable location of their makers and the spherical barricade of drones set a course through space, destroying anything that challenged them along the way. When they were unable to identify their makers at that location they moved to the next, and then the next. Now, with only one probable location left, the Ark Net moves towards the last light to find and protect their makers.