The Vexa (Vex-ah) are the last of their kind. Though only a few of them still exist, they carry the collective consciousness of their entire civilization. Long ago, they ascended from their physical forms and became beings of pure energy, capable of manipulating technology with their essence and will. The true Vexa appear as a floating light, roughly two meters in diameter, with an almost crystal-like design at its center. Each of the few remaining Vexa possess a unique design and coloring, which ranges the color spectrum from brilliant, crystal blues to deep, ruby reds. They communicate between each other in high pitch, crystalline chimes, but can use technology to translate their speech into any dialect.

The Vexa are able to project hundreds of smaller forms of energy, which serve as drones that crew their fleet. They maintain a conscious link between their drones, like that of a hive mind, and can coordinate their actions with unmatched precision. As their drone’s ships engage their enemies and are destroyed, the consciousness returns to the core Vexa, who can eventually project more drones to replenish their numbers. Their advanced technology allows them to generate portals, through which their ships can move about space battlefields, making up for their lack of militaristic power, but also allowing their ships to quickly return to the core for repairs. The Vexa’s ability to do what must be done with little to no emotion or hesitation make them a powerful force with one major goal of finding the last light.