The Xenolithan’s are a small, extremely tough mineral based species. They stand about a meter in height and are made up of the same minerals from the crust of their homeworld. Their fiery yellow eyes appear to glow with the same light as their planet’s sun. When angered, which is a rare occurrence as the Xenolithans are known for being extremely level-headed, that light shines brightly through all the cracks in their bodies. They are able to meld their exterior into appendages, arms and legs, though they lack the more delicate digits. The Xenolithians developed their technology based on their physiology, including spacecraft and weaponry.

For countless generations, the Xenolithans lived beneath the surface of their volcanic planet as the only life form in their system. They’ve always had a strong psychic bond with the planet itself, worshiping it as their creator and safe keeper. It wasn’t until their system’s star began to break apart, threatening their existence, that they thought to leave the planet. Try as they may, their technology was just not advanced enough to survive a long voyage through space. But again their planet saved them. Rapidly evolving, the planet formed a gigantic, generational spacecraft from its own crust, using its own core to power it. Now the Xenolithians are headed for the last light in hopes that their planet can reform and that their people can find a new future.