It is said that of the few beings that could survive a nuclear apocalypse, the Che’alon are certainly among them. This diminutive, resilient species combined it’s genetic survivability with advanced augmented biotechnology to have weathered at least ten recorded cataclysmic events. Each time, the Che’alon have managed to survive, find a new habitable location and rebuild their civilization. Their society is entirely focused around a drive towards work and an unparalleled ability to exploit resources. Rarely would one find a Che’alon sitting idle beyond their short sleep cycles.

Ranging in height from 0.5 to 1 meter in height, each Che’alon has highly customized cybernetic augmentations, causing a wide variety in appearance. The common feature that remains from their original, reptilian physiology, are their tough, scaly skins that range in color from yellow-orange to pale white. At one point in their evolution, the Che’alon possessed external shells which provided protection, however their biotechnical advancements accelerated their evolution and removed the need for the obsolete feature. They have minimal life sustaining requirements, which allows them to survive for years without food or water, and their internal organs are completely sealed, allowing them to survive in the vacuum of space. This highly focused and pragmatic faction has recently survived yet another world ending event and is now heading towards the last light.