The Lyannae are a sentient botanical species of nomads, who have been travellers for so long, they have all but forgotten their homeworld and system of origin. Their nomadic community, known simply as The Grove, operates as a type of collective shared consciousness, allowing them to stay in complete synchronization and contact with one another. This allows them to be hyper-aware of potential threats in the darkness of space, as well as being highly productive in their operation of their starships and in their light harvesting efforts. They do not possess individual pronouns, utilizing instead the plural “we” and “our.”

Though they may appear as tree-like creatures, their bodies are composed of many overlapping vines that are incredibly strong, hollow and flexible, allowing them to shift into various shapes and sizes. They are also able to alter their coloring and even grow morphological features such as leaves, bark, cones, flowers and even fruits. Their outward appearance tends to complement their current emotional state, helping their communication and empathising with those they are speaking with. It is not known, even by the Lyannae, how long their average lifespan is, since there are no records of any having died of old age or other natural causes. They are known as a peaceful species, lending aid to other civilizations that they’ve encountered. Often those helped by the Lyannae will adorn their branches with ribbons, trinkets and other offerings of thanks, which the Lyannae treasure and carry with them on their continued journey towards the last light.