Where desperation meets genius, no problem is unsolvable. This is more true for the Recog than any other faction. They were once part of a thriving civilization, the Quel’aro (kel-are-oh) whose rapidly advancing technology caused the depletion of most of their resources, including those necessary for survival. Desperate for a solution, they ventured out into their galaxy to find help, but one by one they returned empty-handed. In their darkest hour, a group of fringe scientists came forth with a most outlandish solution. They developed technology that could sustain the entire population in cryostasis while their small team of scientists piloted a generational ship to a new habitable planet. Left with no other options, the Quel’aro agreed to the scientists’ plan, known as the Recog Initiative.

After years of drifting through space, they found nothing. Running low on resources, they quickly developed a method of sustaining their own consciousness in its most energy efficient form. Suspended in self-replenishing fluid and using advanced nanotechnology to control the ship, the most brilliant brains of their people are literally all that is left. Now, from their tanks, the Recog Initiative control their massive ship, full of frozen Quel’aro, and are headed for the final hope of their people – the Last Light.