The children of industry. A people without a homeworld. The Allterra are a collective of bipedal humanoids that have been in space for at least a dozen generations aboard their massive ship, Terra Infinite. Being born on the generational ship, with minimal gravity, they have evolved to be taller and thinner than their planet dwelling ancestors. They stand 2-2.5 meters tall, with slightly elongated limbs as well as brittle bones and less muscle mass. They compensate for this by using advanced powered suites, a technology that was traded to them by the Enkylios, the first to encounter the Allterra. The Enkylios wished only to scan and study their culture, technology and physiology and, presumably after viewing them as non-threatening to the rest of the galactic community, they shared hyper-technology secrets with the Allterra.

Much of their past has been forgotten, having lived in space for so long now. It is remembered that their ancestors struggled greatly in reaching out beyond their planet and solar system, which the current Allterra commonly associate to a lack of focus and commitment to move forward. Progress is an essential trait in the Allterra. A value that is instilled in all children and reinforced in all aspects of their culture. Weaknesses such as inflexibility, greed and complacency are discouraged and in some cases punished, a duty entrusted to the freely elected Leadership Council of Terra Prime. For the Allterra, the first several generations struggled, encountering many different factions on their journey. Those who survived were resourceful and bartered with other factions for supplies, medical care and better technology for their ships. Their adaptability and resourceful nature have allowed them to survive thus far. They are not dwellers of the past and only look forward, towards the last light.