All fear the hive. Mellifera are species of large insectoids ranging in height from one to two meters. They have two large, compound eyes and a number of smaller ones which provide detailed information on light intensity. They possess antennae with sensory receptors which can detect touch, smell, taste and even hear sounds. Their bodies are made up of two segments, both covered in bristly hairs ranging from golden yellow to dark browns. They have six limbs attached to their upper segment and four from their lower segment. Female Mellifera have wings that are capable of flight, as well as conveying signals and commands during battle. Most males are either worker drones, piloting the hive ship, or warriors.

The Mellifera colony is a floating fortress that contains the entirety of their people. They are ruled over by a single queen. Every member of the hive has a role, a singular purpose that they devote their entire life to, all in service to their Queen and the hive. A migratory faction, the Mellifera settle in a system, spread and collect resources, often leading to destructive conflicts with the system’s inhabitants. Once they’ve collected all they require, they continue their great migration. Their warriors are known for their high tech battle armor, which allow a single warrior to maneuver quicker than most starfighters. When the queen declares war on an enemy, the hexagonal bay doors open, unleashing swarms of their warriors, overwhelming their enemies with sheer numbers. Now the queen has her sights set on finding the last light and the hive is coming for it.