The Deshard (De-Shard) are a hulking species known for their militaristic culture, bent on conquest. Their crystalline bodies are naturally armored against most energy-based attacks. Standing anywhere from two to well over three meters in height, they vary in body shape and have unique, rigid crystal formations that extend from their bodies giving them an asymmetrical appearance. These formations show their age as well as their experience. Those with many visible fractures are known as the scarred ones, who have seen more battles and command greater respect.

Once scattered tribes of nomadic warriors, the Deshard were united under the rule of the great warlord and began their great conquest. The horde swept through their system, wiping out neighboring civilizations before setting out beyond their stars. The Deshard believe the strongest shall rule and their warriors are unforgiving of failure, often leading to challenges and changes of leadership. Their raiding parties are feared by most factions and, though technologically inferior to other factions, they are resourceful, utilizing what technology they can from those they’ve conquered.