The Will of Ahruuna has existed since the beginning. Adrift, alone in space, these unfathomable beings have witnessed the evolution of countless species, in some cases even seeding worlds themselves. They watched the birth of civilizations, seeing them advance, spread and in most cases, fall. Their name was given to them by the first beings to record them, a civilization long forgotten, but their religion remained. Ahruuna was their word for mother and they believed the will of the mother was the creator of all life in the cosmos.

Ahruuna are energy beings of erratic, spiraling colors. They are unstable by nature and never remain in one place for long, or even in the same dimension. They communicate through a unique form of telepathy that leaves a lasting mark on those they connect with. They leave part of their collective memories behind. In times long past, an Ahruuna would travel alone through time and space, simply being and experiencing. Now with the galaxy facing a dark time, perhaps even an end time, the Ahruuna have congregated and have set a course on the last light of the galaxy. It is not known what would happen should they actually reach it. That is for the Will of Ahruuna to discover.