If you see the red glow of the Grawl’s eyes, it’s too late. The Grawl’s natural appearance fits their reputation as perhaps the most feared hunters and predators in the galaxy. They would stand about 2 meters in height, though they are never seen standing tall, preferring a constant hunched stance, like a coiled snake, always ready to strike. Their body is made up of a hard exoskeleton with sharp and severe protrusions jutting out from their joints, resembling the harsh, rocky terrain of their homeworld. Their internal organs are well protected, sealed air-tight within their exterior, allowing them to survive in the vacuum of space. Their prehensile tales offer improved balance and reflexes. Their viper shaped faces have horn-like protrusions twisting off from their skulls and their mouths are filled with razor sharp fangs.

Unlike most other factions, the Grawl are not motivated by their own survival. All Grawl are raised with no fear of death, as it is a certainty and in their culture it is believed that glory can be found in it, so long as you die while on the hunt. They prize the hunt over all, especially the harder to kill prey that can defend itself. Grawl raiding parties strike from the shadows of asteroid fields and floating debris from the graveyards of space battles. All Grawl are trained from early ages to fight and to kill. They adapt quickly to military technologies and their own ships are minimalistic in their design, favoring speed and the ability to crash into and board their enemies. The Grawl’s race towards the last light is primarily partly motivated by who they can hunt along the way.