Space dust, to those that view it, can be a beautiful sight, akin to a sunset or solar eclipse. It travels through space without aim or purpose. The Nebulaen (Neb-you-luhn) are sentient clouds of gasses, dust and basic elements. They appear in many different colors and patterns, though most typically they appear as brilliant pink and purple clouds. They communicate through signals and signs, by forming their gaseous mass into various shapes and using the minerals trapped among the vapors to reflect the light in numerous patterns. They were the original travelers, drifting through space with no home or place to return to.

The Nebulaen absorbed the energy from stars as well as all other life-sustaining elements, by drifting through healthy star systems. As those systems became fewer and fewer, with the death of stars, the Nebulaen became increasingly desperate. They attempted to communicate with countless species, but none accepted them as a sentient faction. Not until they encountered the Enkylios, who immediately recognized them as a previously undiscovered, highly intelligent life. The Enkylios shared knowledge and resources as well as information on the last light. This provided the Nebulaen a last chance at survival, as they now set course for their last hope.