The Verons are small, bipedal creatures, most standing less than 1 meter in height. The majority of their bodies are covered in short, prickly brown or gray fur. They have powerful, pale colored tails with sharp quills at the end used for self defense. Their eyes can see through infrared and their razor sharp teeth are said to be able to chew through some of the toughest materials in the galaxy. Verons have a sharp sense of smell and a ferocious appetite.

A species that has survived a milenia of subjugation and attempted extermination by the larger, dominant species of their homeworld, the Verons spread to any corner or crevasse that provided safety from their predators. Relying on their resourceful nature and scavenging, they developed incredible survival instincts as well as a hybrid technology that allowed them to thrive in the subterranean mines and natural caves of their homeworld. As the larger, dominant species began to die out, due to resource shortages and the dying of their planets’ star, the Verons emerged in a glorious rebellion, reclaiming the surface and seizing their enemy’s technology and spacecraft. Being the resourceful creatures they are, the Verons evacuated their dying world as the triumphant faction. Proud and determined to survive at all costs, they set a course for the last light to outlast all other factions.