Once having advanced in scientific understanding, most species tend to look back towards their own origins. This quest to find the scientific truths about how it all began often leaves them with more questions than answers. Did they rise from the ‘primordial clay’ or was their planet seeded by some intelligent species? The answer, in many cases, is yes to both. Eons past, there existed an altruistic faction of travelers who took it upon themselves to seed uninhabitable planets. Their methods were not technological in nature, but a simple combination of water, time, light, and the Pela (pel-ah).

The Pela are amorphous, sentient masses of nutrients and minerals from a collection of planets, long dead. Using their own composition, combined with the minerals of the planet on which they are seeded, the Pela are able to create biogenic materials unique to that world. After eons of terraforming, ushering in countless new species, the Pela themselves evolved. Connected on a cellular level, the thousands of individual Pela on a single planet began to communicate with each other. Beyond that, they found they could communicate with Pela on other worlds. As the light began to fade from the universe, the Pela’s evolutionary instincts to create new life drove them to unite. Millions of Pela assembled and are now heading towards the last light to help bring life to the last worlds. The seeds have become the farmers.