The Iou’Nell (Eye-Oh-Nell) were among the first to reach out beyond their stars to find other worlds. Having known centuries of peace on their homeworld of N’shara, the three-eyed bipedal species unlocked the mystery of extra-dimensional space travel using their advanced technology and the minerals found on N’shara, which poses properties that defied many previously held truths of physics. The Iou’Nell are tall, averaging 3 meters in height, with skin tones ranging from pale yellows and oranges to deep greys and blues. Their lineage can be identified through their spiral-patterned markings, typically of a darker hue than their base skin tone. Though they speak of their advancements in a metaphysical manner, often using spiritual metaphor, their truths are very much grounded in science and technology.

Now part of the greater community of galactic species, the Iou’Nell are known for their relative pacifism, unmatched insight and their tendencies towards peace and harmony. They are also known for their curiosity related to new advancements and discoveries in technology. Willing to share their advanced technology as well as their philosophy, they often find places among councils and advisory roles as well as mediators in disputes among other factions. Others may see them as easy prey, due to their pacifistic ways, but tend to find them quite formidable in their ability to defend themselves and their allies.