Behind every massive space station there are engineers that keep it operational. Deroga (deer-oh-gah) are among the most highly sought after Zero-G builders in the universe. From starship manufacturing yards and military research stations to orbital hotels and commercial space malls, the Deroga construction teams can build it all. The bipedal species is large in their constructions, but surprisingly small in size. Standing an average of half a meter, these tiny, but deceptively strong, engineers can survive in the harsh vacuum of space without the need of any protective suits or technology.

Despite their unparalleled work ethic and organized teamwork, the Deroga are fiercely individualistic. They each craft their clothing and tools in their own unique styles and possess a deep appreciation for artistic expression. Music is also a another big part of their culture. Often the rhythmic, electronic-industrial techno music can be heard at their construction sites. For centuries, the business of space building was booming, until recently. With the light fading and factions fleeing, the independent Deroga construction teams have united. In a massive, retrofitted space station, the tiny, brilliant builders set a course for the last light in the universe, where they hope to build a new future for their people.