The Kubee are small, mammalian humanoids standing at around one meter in height. Their pale grey skin is covered in fur that ranges from white, orange, and red to blue, violet, and green. Their coat offers some protection from inclement weather, but, more importantly, serves as olfactory receptors, able to pick up scents at a distance. Their most notable physical features may be their long ears, which help them detect and avoid predators, but also their six limbs. Two strong legs which give them astonishing speed, and their four fur-covered arms with dexterous little fingers, which give them superior hand eye coordination, both in and out of their cockpits. Kubee starfighter pilots are known and feared throughout the galaxy.

The Kubee have a strong sense of community and work together extremely well. They have travelled across the stars, setting up temporary subterranean settlements on various orbital bodies. Their diminutive stature, playful nature, and optimistic outlooks can give others the impression that they are less threatening than they are. However, due to their shorter than average lifespans, the Kubee approach battle in a more bold and head-on manner, they can be quite ferocious and their sheer numbers can overwhelm stronger enemies with ease.