The Bur’Leshan (Bur-Le-Shaun) are an aquatic, insectoid species, with two claw-like appendages that they use like arms, and two prehensile tentacles coming off their heads that possess highly advanced sensory glands. Their bodies are long and segmented, with some Bur’Leshan reaching lengths of over 5 meters long. Each segment has two maxillipeds that allow them to scuttle and climb very quickly, though they can move even faster while under water. Their smooth, rubbery skin has uniquely patterned spotting and ranges in color from blues and greens to darker shades of grey.

Once the rulers of a mighty civilization, the Bur’Leshan employed hundreds of thousands of servants, from many different factions, to mine nearby orbital bodies. They traded the precious resources with other factions, including some more militaristic factions such as the Deshard and Mörlock. These alliances gave them even more strength and sway, but of course, they would keep the most rare and precious items for themselves. The Bur’Leshan value the appearance of their wealth and social status above all else. They drape themselves in the brightest, most lavish materials and adorn their bodies and head tentacles in the finest jewels. As their civilization began to collapse, they were forced to flee in the face of great uprisings. Only the most powerful Bur’Leshan families escaped. Reduced to a small fleet, they’ve travelled with the vast majority of their wealth as a way to trade and manipulate their way towards reaching the last light.