While other species focused on political, technological and medical advancements the Jötnariiset their sights on conquering. Standing well over 3 meters tall on average, the Jötnarii are genetically-engineered bipedal species that require little nutrients and even less sleep. Once under the control of a more powerful faction, the Radda, the Jötnarii were forced to be gladiators and personal security guards until they formed an uprising. After they rid their planet of the Radda they set their sights on exploring and conquering the galaxy. Their clans traveled far, raiding ships and colonies. When a Jötnarii clan returned from a raid, they were expected to bring exquisite wealth and materials. Upon their return a huge celebration would be held, where the warriors, dressed in their finest battle vestments, would share tales of the enemies they defeated and challenges they overcame on their raids. Telling the most captivating tale of battle was a high honor among the Jötnarii.”

When the first clan returned empty-handedempty handed they were exiled from the clan and another clan departed. One by one they returned empty-handed claiming there were no planets or ships left in their galaxy to conquer. After much deliberation, it was decided that the Jötnarii would leave their homeworld and venture out in space, beyond their system. The entire might of the Jötnarii began their war march towards the last light.